10+ Best App Ideas That Are Perfect To Get Started

You can simply develop augmented reality apps using Felgo, a cross-platform app development framework. This brand identifier app will allow users to learn more about a specific brand or product. By scanning the logo or tag of the item, the mobile app will list articles, information, and news about the manufacturer as well as about the product.

mobile app ideas for beginners

The demand for education apps with the tasks regarding the studies, including gamification for easy understanding, is in heavy demand. The education app market is expected to hit $70.55 billion in 2025. The app is excellent when it comes to making and storing long notes because of two key features. The first one is when you can always pause while recording a note, and it won’t end it. The second one is where you can add verbal commands to add punctuations, which makes it extremely easy for everyone.

Build an application where your audience can book tickets to these applications and help you be at the top of your business. The applications are interesting and engaging and can help you build a strong presence in the market. Let your audience enjoy the events around the world on their mobile phones in the comforts of their bedrooms. People are looking for apps that can help them to learn new languages.

Social Networking App

The police scanner app enables you to identify the dreaded criminals in their area and raise an alert if they come close to you. This app contains a centralized database of criminals that could be updated by the authorities and law professionals. The app allows users to press an alert button and inform the police and share the location through GPS. Individuals who don’t have time to take their dogs out for a walk might benefit from such a service. These applications also notify users about dog-friendly playgrounds and cafés. With the help of online music streaming apps, users may now listen to any song online without downloading it.

mobile app ideas for beginners

But if you find yourself with too many, check if you can combine some into one broader HMW. I usually end up with 3-5 broad HWMs and prioritize them in terms of their impact on the project’s success. During the brainstorming, morning walk, in a shower, or a car. But there are nearly 2.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and 3.7 million in Apple App Store.


But, you can make one for the gallery, notes app, or any other app users use to store personal data. Sports enthusiasts widely use these applications as they provide engaging quiz games. Sports quiz apps provide robust animations for quiz events, audio commentary for such events, a fantastic gaming experience, and so forth. Moreover, you can add some extra https://globalcloudteam.com/ features to the app, like purchasing refreshments online and having them delivered to your seat in the stadium. Your app must also have the notification feature to inform users beforehand regarding every forthcoming sporting event. Here you can find people who prefer different sports like baseball, football, cricket, basketball, soccer, rugby, and more.

The latest technologies feature must also be tried out before releasing a full-fledged app. Nevertheless, you can release it with just the bare minimum functionalities initially. At the same time, 70% of students think it to be equal or better than traditional classrooms.

  • Also, you can invite some other people to look at it as well.
  • With these types of software startup ideas, the user has to speak words to the phone, translated into the desired language.
  • It will work through the internet and allow people from any corner of the world to play with others.
  • This app considers all of the vegetables, spices, and other eating materials in your pantry or refrigerator and then suggests recipes that you can make at home.
  • Write them down and then try to turn these terrible ideas into good ones.

These, then, replicate interaction or conversation with a real individual. However, before you start digging through thousands of search queries, first think about which segment your application is going to hit. When we type the keyword “travel” in Ahrefs, we get a lot of questions that people ask. If neither you nor your friends see any problems/needs that the application could solve, that’s ok.

We often utilize offline vehicle services, which tend to be rather chaotic for us due to the fact that we must pick up and drop off our car at the serving area. This indicates that the growth of online booking apps is extremely bright, with the industry anticipated to generate $817 million in sales by the end of 2021. Furthermore, booking apps are becoming an integral part of technological advancements in a variety of software solutions nowadays.

Ludo App

This app will make it easier for both the doctors and patients to create and manage appointments. A majority of us have a tiresome experience of waiting in long lines at hospitals. The atmosphere of hospitals sometimes makes us upset or panic. Cashless transactions have boomed over the years with the increase in smartphone penetration in developing countries.

Well, firstly they have to learn about some development methods and different program languages. With some basic knowledge and a computer, you can have a functioning app in a week. Specifically intended for students, this app should be a hybrid of a video call and forum. You can also integrate into it different learning materials and tools. Useful and simple app that can be used to know the exact location of your bus. Make sure it’s neat, that upgrades quickly, and of course, punctual.

mobile app ideas for beginners

So, this trending app idea can assist in food delivery, drive through, and carry-out. So, a great app idea that is certain to resonate with the addiction awareness of numerous mobile phone users is to use software to help combat this obsession. Music app allows users to create their own music using a very easy and intuitive interface.

In the coming years, it will certainly be a lucrative app development idea for startups. A grocery delivery app guarantees a vast market out there for you to sell. Specialize in selling organic groceries, or focus on selling frozen foods. To fix your idea for a startup and start grocery app development immediately. Second, we have another application idea, which is undoubtedly known these days as machine learning app ideas. Complex algorithms of machine learning can now be converted to teach humans smoothly!

Solitare Game Using Flutter

But before the final deployment, you need to send the app to actual users before the app goes live for download. Most prototypes are high-fidelity digital versions of the app that are clickable. This gives you a chance to see the user interfaces before the app actually gets built. There are plenty of online graphic design tools you can use for a wireframe. Design mockups and wireframes are crucial to the app-building process. Outsource App Development Everything about outsourcing your development project.

It reduces the rework of the backend team, saves space for the user’s mobile phone, and improved user experience. An app that offers all in one can ease the operations for both customers and the company. An E-commerce app is basically an online marketplace or mobile E- commerce apps that lets the user purchase anything over the internet without the need of visiting a physical shop. The last-mile delivery solution makes the driver’s job easy with real-time tracking, seamless onboarding, and hassle-free proof of delivery.

mobile app ideas for beginners

It is much easier to look at the application and see the bill before buying than to give up products after scanning them at the checkout. The E-learning market has experienced a real boom thanks to Covid-19. Despite the market saturation , we believe there is still space for mobile e-learning applications. However, the most important thing is how we establish the idea, let’s take, for example, our client UJJI, for whom we’ve created a mobile e-learning app. We can already observe that people travel more because they want to take away the time lost sitting at home.

Price Comparison App

Skia, the same hardware-accelerated 2D graphics package that powers Chrome and Android, is at the heart of it. Flutter is designed to deliver smooth, jank-free graphics at your device’s native speed. Be the first to know the latest updates and all the recent trends in web & mobile javascript development. At this step, all you need is to pick the design that you like the most.

A song finder app that will let users find the title of a particular song on the basis of the tone or any words provided by the user. It may also provide the link to download the song or listen online. A real-time pub/club/restaurant finder app that will show only the bars, clubs, and/or restaurants that are open at a specific time when the user is searching for them. A virtual time capsule app that can be used to record memories, videos, and other digital data that can only be viewed in a predetermined time in the future and only to specific people. A Home cleaning service app that will allow users to find and hire a person/service for the cleaning of a particular Home rather than the entire apartment, thus saving money and time. An app for hiring contractors online where users can compare the different service providers and choose the one according to their budget and needs.

Also, many people don’t feel like going outside these days, considering the situation of COVID. Our on-demand professionals have built more than 40 on-demand solutions and help you to develop yours as well. As a caveat, its important to avoid the “swiss army knife” approach to identifying features; at its core, your app should do one main thing and do it well. When deciding on features, return to the problem that you identified at the beginning and focus on creating features that solve that problem. Below are several tactics to help you validate the merit of your app idea. Go on Quora and start clicking through random and popular questions that people are asking.

Online Milk Delivery App

They can connect with each other, discuss games, and arrange times to play together. If you’re stuck with getting paid for app ideas, there are some suggestions for you, as shown below. Think about them when finding ideas for your next top mobile app. A nearby deal alert mobile app idea is best because it will notify you of the latest deals and offers being offered by your nearby restaurants, shopping centres, theatres, and so on. You can choose which categories you want to receive deal alerts for.

You will generate profit through the commission from the events whose scores you are showing, for, e.g., Cricbuzz, theScore, CBS sports, etc. Everyone is aware of the e-commerce web app or e-commerce businesses because everyone likes to shop from their How to Create a Mobile App home without visiting any store. You can go for furniture, clothing, caps, jewellery, cosmetics, etc. Go for launching your e-commerce web app and start earning from it. This will be a gaming app in which the users would play crazy8, fish, poker, etc.

Team Should Be Passionate About The Idea

Sports lovers are increasing every day, and they can’t afford to miss any match or tournament. But no one can watch every single game, and that’s why a good sport live score app is needed. You can provide a live score and commentary on each tournament.

It will help in connecting you with various healthy recipes provided by professional chefs and bloggers. Once done, the users can confirm the elements and calculate the calories they will take from that meal. The application gives an in-depth overview of the user log and their food intake regularly. Put down your new ideas every day and never rush to implement the first idea that occurred to you. It is quite possible that a week later you will realize that your seemingly ingenious thoughts of the previous day are actually not worth wasting time and money on.

So, if one app is developed in which every online service provider can provide the details of deal coupons, users can easily obtain the coupon code and use it through such an app. A camera sync app is one of the great mobile app ideas that allows you to use or access someone else’s mobile camera . It is especially helpful when the other person is taking a picture of you with their smartphone camera and you want to see how the picture is turning out on your phone. While everyone is too busy in this fast-paced world to take their dog for a walk, the idea of creating a dog walking app is gaining popularity.

Digital CommerceBuild an interactive, robust, and user-friendly e-commerce store for your retail business. Sell products worldwide and increase revenue up to 10 times with your e-commerce marketplace. The primary purpose of building an app is to provide a solution to the users and earn a profit for yourself. Some simple ideas may seem simple but will have heavy demand. Combyne is an amazing mobile application that is backed by an innovative idea of combining technology with the fashion industry to give users great dressing recommendations.

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