Which Dispatch Software Is Best For My Tow Truck Business?

truck dispatch software quickbooks

While QuickBooks enables business owners to track their expenses, none of its features are designed specifically with the needs of the transportation industry in mind. If you want a product that will help you keep your vehicles on the road and in compliance, nobody beats TruckingOffice. There are a lot of organizations that exist for decades and use outdated software that’s hard to replace. It no longer provides the necessary functionality scope and/or doesn’t support business development, but is still critical to daily operations.

truck dispatch software quickbooks

But there’s a lot of things in your trucking business that QuickBooks can’t help you with. This a list of Fleet Management software that integrates with QuickBooks. Use the filters on the left to add additional filters for products that have integrations with QuickBooks. View the products that work with QuickBooks in the table below. Cut out invoicing steps in your office, because Intuit Field Service Management, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Merchant Services all talk to one another.

Freshbooks Cloud Accounting Features

Strategy Systems can get your software up and running in as little as one day, and we can help with the QuickBooks Online trucking integration process. We also offer an affordable monthly subscription service that doesn’t require a contract and allows you to cancel at any time. Interface – with truck and trailer tracking, mileage and driver advance systems to further increase dispatch efficiency.

Import fuel card transactions from ComdataTM, T-ChekTM, TCHTM, EFSTM and other providers for processing within Prophesy Dispatch. Seamless integration with QuickBooks Pro®, Sage 50® (formerly Peachtree®), MAS 90/200®, Microsoft Dynamics GP® and other third-party accounting software. This feature of SMSTurbo allows the system to automatically calculate the amount to be charged to the customer for Delivery or Pick Up of product as well as track the amount owed to a third-party Hauler. This is a detailed video demonstrating the integration between SMSTurbo and Sage 50 US Edition. This video features the ability to easily record scale ticketing transactions in Sage 50 US Edition accounting. Ditat has helped improve visibility between our drivers and dispatcher which has cut back on phone calls, freeing up time for other duties.

truck dispatch software quickbooks

Drivewyze is an app that lets drivers bypass the weigh stations, saving time and reducing hassle. MyRouteOnline is a web-based multi-stop route planner used in trucking and other industries.

File Setup

Ensure all drivers are compliant through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, for example, employee handbook, uniform agreement, driving hours policy, rig procedures, etc. You can try Rigbooks for free for 30 days to decide if it’s a good fit for you before buying it. Dramatically improve communication – ensure a smooth flow of information between your dispatch and accounting departments. Speed things up – Quickly quote rates to both potential and existing customers. Prophesy offers seamless integration to the best-selling QuickBooks® Accounting Software Solution by Intuit®. Live support is available from 9am-6pm EST Monday through Friday.

  • FuelForce is a reliable and easy-to-use wireless fuel management software solution developed by MultiForce Systems.
  • Make a list of what exactly you want to automate, optimize, and/or monitor.
  • To do this, it helps to have a chart with the features you need on your mobile phone or laptop.
  • Routing apps provide full turn-by-turn navigation giving all the necessary driving directions and send alerts about road disruptions as well as weather updates.
  • All the documents are easily accessible whenever you need them.
  • First, if they’re not already set up, create expense accounts specifically for IFTA fuel.

Salary for hot shot owner operators Besides, hotshots haul loads are mostly neglected by big freight trucks. Companies, which we work with, offer up to 85% of load gross for hot shot owner operators.

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The other case to mention in the context of transport solutions is MeinFernbus. For 3 years we took part in the development of a web project and mobile applications for MeinFernbus. ProTransport software is simple and easy-to-use due to its color-coded interface and intuitive dashboard. All the fleet operations are combined in a single system, and it allows quick performance measuring and taking strategic decisions based on the results. Gone are the days when operators shouted into their phones to inform the drivers of the operation and order details. To run the report, go to the chart of accounts and select the IFTA fuel expense account.

Lastly we can also setup a GotoMeeting to walk you through any issue that you may have. Move shipments from one trailer to another trailer or onto a cross dock to be loaded on a trailer at a later time. Track your trailers and equipment and automatically update their locations in Prophesy Dispatch. The Electronic Signature Capture option for SMSTurbo can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork that you need to maintain and can provide your customer with a more professional and cleaner looking ticket. SMSTurbo Unattended Ticketing can use this industry standard scale indicator as the driver interface. The indicator can be configured in a rugged weatherproof kiosk or in a scale house. How an unattended ticket can be generated by a truck driver through SMSTurbo’s touch screen interface on a standard PC.

  • There is also a lot written about how to use QuickBooks, so it’s not hard to find material to learn from.
  • Besides actual intermediaries, companies and truck drivers can also connect via a matchmaking platform with programmed algorithms at its core.
  • Moreover, some tools automatically suggest the next load for the driver, based on their proximity and available hours left.
  • This software can provide you with an organization chart , data on employee salaries and wages, and earnings based on commission type.

Be sure to compare these options with your own, once you have an idea of which solutions might interest you. You can start immediately a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. TruckingOffice software is web based and can be accessed by truck dispatch software quickbooks any computer or device that has internet access. Records are secure and easily accessed anytime you need them. Use existing revenue & expense account codes – All accounts are cross referenced and automatically updated from Prophesy Dispatch.

Transportation Management

Dispatchers have access to instant information concerning each technician’s current job, the status of each job, time on job, and number of hours worked in total. Work orders, work zone, company settings, mobile settings, financial back-office, customers, time cards, maintenance agreements, and work order network. The DAT One app is available for free, which makes it one of the most affordable investments in transportation software. Plus, when you track your loads effectively, you can keep shippers happy and document the right mileage. Being able to adjust this info on the fly during a dispatch call can help your business speed up any needed processing. Once the dispatch call is complete, the staff member will have the ability to print or email invoices to customers. Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business.

  • The providers below best suit trucking companies and freight brokers, most of them have experience serving the industry for several years.
  • That’s why we’ve prepared a short overview of the best transportation dispatch software solutions available.
  • Track your fleet, transmit load information between dispatchers and drivers, automate check calls and more.
  • Track contract terms, equipment, schedules and pricing to ensure your contracts are easily fulfilled.
  • You are familiar with it, and have figured out how to make it work for your trucking business.
  • Customers may be assigned special rates depending on the type of load, their relationship with the company, and more.

Make better decisions, with real-time reports and info on your company’s financial situation. Increase the value of your trucks by finding better routes, lanes, and maintenance schedules.

You can’t control chaos but you can choose the best route around it. Give drivers up-to-date information to stay on top of their daily tasks. Put user-friendly, correct, and easy to understand data to the best use for the growth of your company. Know where your drivers are and how every task is progressing in real-time. An easy-to-read map gives an overview of your drivers’ locations & route plans together with in-progress and scheduled tasks. Keep customers up to date through automated or manual SMS and e-mail notifications.

The Power Of Data Integration

ProTransport serves the trucking industry for over 15 years already, providing all-in-one versatile software customizable for fleets or freight brokerage companies of any size. With it, you get dispatching, accounting, safety, analytics, and maintenance combined. What’s important, ProTransport solutions can be integrated with various programs and tools including GPS, QuickBooks, fuel card providers, IFTA, and more. Get the smarter tools and the support you need to stay confident. QuickBooks organizes everything in one place so you can be tax-ready at all times.

We look forward to helping you take control of those nagging everyday tasks. It’s obvious that to meet unique requirements a unique product is needed. Here’s one example of such tailored software development we at AltexSoft accomplished. We created a system of tracking driver behavior for future targeted training. Trucker Path is a most popular trucker app with a community of over 1 million drivers.

Cut Costs – Significantly cut costs incurred due to repetitive data entry, administrative errors, overtime and unnecessary paperwork. Print – freight bills and handle driver advances and revenue settlement. Dramatically simplify – your dispatch functions and improve your level of customer service. We are standing by to provide more information, product demonstrations, or a quote based on your specific needs. Talk to one of our transportation experts and optimize your trucking operation. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Speed up payments and improve trust and safety with instant digital invoices. Digital capture of all scale-house tickets, storing them in an easily-accessible hub for all of your drivers and sub-contractors. FuelForce is a reliable and easy-to-use wireless fuel management software solution developed by MultiForce Systems.

Routing apps provide full turn-by-turn navigation giving all the necessary driving directions and send alerts about road disruptions as well as weather updates. Samsara was recognized as the “biggest mover,” ranking #25 in the Forbes Cloud 100 List. The company focuses on the Internet of Things and efficient collection and usage of available data.

Store important information about each customer’s equipment and special situations so technicians can arrive with the correct parts and tools to complete their work quickly and accurately. Track truck and warehouse inventory throughQuickBooks Enterprise’sexclusive Advanced Inventory integration. When you set upAdvanced Inventoryto manage truck inventory, inventory placed on an invoice is reduced in the invoice synchronization process, eliminating the need to reconcile later. 3PL software is a transportation management system built to handle the various needs of multiple clients, each with their own set of operational processes and billing requirements.

Click reports at the bottom of the page and then choose QuickReport . Export this report to Excel by clicking the Excel button at the top of the report. In the Excel report, format the memo column to a number format and sum the column. Track repairs, PM schedules, parts inventory, tire history, fuel use, inspections and much more with this comprehensive fleet maintenance system.

Integrated Partners

Well, to say “brings you” makes it sound like it’s a new offering. It’s not – in fact, here at Exspeedite, you’ll find the best trucking accounting software anyone in the industry has to offer! Unless you’re a CPA living the dream and loving life during tax season, you’re probably not as thrilled to be dealing with numbers all day! Enter Exspeedite, https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ the best cloud-based fleet management solution specifically built for your small or mid-sized company. QuickBooks Desktop Premier automates your daily tasks so that you can concentrate on your business. Improved bank feeds You can now save even more time by categorizing bank transactions automatically with improved matching for payees and accounts.

It allows direct connection with local municipal and law enforcement tools, as well as automated call pricing, a comprehensive inventory search for customers, and two-layer protection for account and price changes. NetSuite offers a wide range of modules that are all built to work in tandem with one another. This makes it very easy to make sure your finances are in order while also seeing how your customers feel about you. With a few clicks of a button, you will be able to change your product prices on the fly, manage your inventory in real-time, and even monitor your sales by country for real-time reporting.

Telematics is a technology that gathers vehicle-related information and transmits it over cellular networks. So, the GPS and telematics devices, dash cameras, and sensors installed in the vehicle not only assist with tracking, but also collect data on the driver’s behavior and vehicle’s condition. All the information is then sent to the back-office for further analysis to discover risky behavior trends or possible maintenance problems. Modern software can collect massive amounts of data, ensuring fleet-wide visibility and providing analytics for making more informed decisions. Negotiating with customers and keeping them informed is similar to the previous one as it also requires constant contact with all parties involved. That includes communicating with the ETAs, notifying them about possible schedule changes, arranging for possible detentions, and so on.

Then, take notes on how you can use each feature and what it will cost your company in the long run. This way, you will know that you get the most for your money. Some software automatically figures miles for all empty and loaded miles. Developed by a fleet owner to organize his own company’s invoicing and records, this software was crafted with all the nuances of the trucking business in mind. However, it went beyond the father-son family business solution it was initially created.

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